Friday, October 24, 2014

Reasons Comparisons

Why should my truth be any less than yours?

A thought that has been pondering me for quite a while now. What I see is true will never be what others see and vice versa. I don't want to push my ideals into others for the very same reason I don't want others to shove their ideals into me. I know I am still dumb, still searching, still trying to figure out where I fit and who I am, but aren't we all searching? This idea is really cliche to be honest, but it is what it is. Open mindedness has always been my best feature as a human being, this being true has placed me in a really awkward position especially since I am in a country that has yet seen the light of the modern day 21st century life. I approve of all forms of love to be honest but I keep this to myself out of fear, judgement from others especially with some of my friends. Sometimes I, even as an open minded person, am still very much conflicted, my catholic upbringing binds me to the truth that I have ones believed in making me question the ideals that I follow now. Comparing my reasons, I will put this aside for now and hopefully soon I'll get my answers...

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Zora [Dawn]


Still need to work on my characters and coloring technique. I'm still studying the easiest way in creating a story and how to create my own graphic novel. Need to study more books on human and animal anatomy, a bit of architectural and landscape drawings in also needed...

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Studies 2

Fig. 1
Just another human study I was working on previously. On the first image [Fig. 1],  is a series of different angles of a single subject, I still can't quite get the low angle right that's why I always keep on taking extra focus when I'm doing it.

Fig. 2
The next image, Fig. 2, I'm working on rendering different styles of hair, previously I only drew straight hair but nowadays I like rendering hair close to my own hair texture, curly or kinky, I guess it just feels more like placing my own personality on my drawings this way and also it gives more life to the drawing, don't you think?

Fig. 3

The last two drawings are more of a conceptualized idea while I'm still practicing drawing hands and muscles. Still have a lot to learn and study but it always helps to keep track of it once in a while.

Fig. 4

Friday, August 29, 2014

Background Practice

 So Been practicing drawing buildings, trees and backgrounds in general, I think I like this idea because drawing backgrounds was never my strong points, in fact up to now I'm still struggling but in my resent works I could say I'm getting somewhere, it's not much but it's something.

 This drawing with the road covered with thick leaves and trees reminds me of the place I always pass by every-time I'm going to school before and now every-time I go to work, I really like going through this route because unlike the main road, it isn't trashed with loads of cars emitting tons of dangerous smoke plus I really like looking at the lush green leaves, I hope that this paradise would never go away especially since we're in the new age and humans just love destroying great scenes like this.

Japanese Village

This last drawing was just a Japanese inspired village done for a friend of mine for her personal project.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Add caption

Sometimes I just feel a little secluded, especially now, I'm not really sure who I am, what I like, it's all too confusing but I hope someday I'll find out who I really am...

Anatomy study

 The Human body has fascinated me before but it was only when I was in my 2nd year of college did I finally realize that I wanted to study it further and from that I've started to draw the human anatomy, at first it was really difficult because I'm used to drawing anime and cartoons so realism wasn't really my strong point in fact it was my weakest....

due to increasing my fascination I've decided to study one of the weakest and my most difficult to learn, drawing hands, to most artist the human hands is the one if not the most difficult to do mostly because it is used in so many ways also like the human face it shows emotion and expressions making it the more crucial to do properly if one wants their art to be understood by their viewers.

From drawing hands I've moved on to drawing the human skeletal system to have an even differ understanding of the human anatomy, I've burrowed my older brothers medical books, he is a licensed nurse if you should know, and from that I've checked and tried to memorize all of the names of the bones found in the human body and frankly this have proven to be one of the most grueling thing I did, it's like I'm in high-school again trying to memorize the entire table of elements all over again, I hated that with a passion mostly because of the added equation and shit ack!!. lol

 So I'm still here a few years later still learning and using the knowledge I have acquired from my self studies and using it to render some wicked and sort of weird artwork, because of my increase knowledge of the anatomy, I felt like I could express my ideas more and my difficulty in drawing the human body has greatly decrease.

So to end this I could say that trying to study the human anatomy is not only a fun thing but as an artist it's a really great asset especially if you want to be a serious and professional artist.