Saturday, December 27, 2014

Feng Shui 2: Movie Review

First of before I begin I am not a professional movie critic and this will serve as my first so bare with me, I am just an enthusiast and sorry if it might seem a little a biased, but I'll try to be as objective as I can thank you.

        It's the Holiday season again so it's that time of the year in my country in which they held the Metro Manila Film Festival, it's kind of like a movie marathon but you have to actually get off your ass and go to the cinemas to watch. It is held from the 25th of December to the first week of the New Year and during this time no foreign movies is shown at the cinemas only local films. There are tons of entries that are listed in the festival, but I have decided to not list them here since none of them really catches my interest whatsoever except for Feng Shui 2 and Bonifacio, in fact it is during this time of year that I don't really bother to even go out and watch a movie in the cinemas because truth be told I am not much of a fan for Filipino/Pinoy Movies. The popular choices of genre is limited to either comedy or romance leaving all other genres to feel like they don't even exist, I cannot blame them though the masses of the people in my country prefers the said genres, maybe it is due to the culture in my country in which predominant of the people are not so well off and would rather have a few laugh or see some mushy stuff to forget the tragedy of the lives they have to face each day, looking it this way makes me feel like I could relate to most of them more. Unfortunately placing that fact aside it is the same reason why the films the producers creates in the country are mostly hated by people who are into movies for the artistry and the meaning it bring to ones life and the society. Movies with great moral lessons intact into them are shunned by most people in my country for they are not aware or not exposed to the culture of seeing movies as an art form rather than just pure entertainment. Nonetheless the rise of independently produced movies or "Indie Movies" are on the rise in the country giving the other genres previously I have never even heard of a chance at the limelight and maybe with this could change the culture on which this country is accustomed to.

Getting back, I have decided to create a review on the movie Feng Shui 2 since I have enjoyed it's previous film and was curious as what to had happened after.  Feng Shui 2 is a movie directed by Chito Roño, Ten years have past since the events that took place in the previous film and just like its predecessor revolves around a mystical cursed object called the, "Bagua". The Bagua was owned by a Chinese girl simply known as the Lotus Feet, she was left by her family alone after her servants betrayed them and the people stormed their home, burning it to the ground, to end the tradition of foot-binding in the country stating that it is a burden to them and the country itself. Just before her death she placed a cursed on the Bagua she was carrying at the time stating that who shall ever own it will be cursed with great luck and of great misery in return. The first person to look into the mirror shall receive all the good luck and the following shall receive only misery and misfortune.  In the hands of a new owner, Lester "Coco Martin", a 32 year old who had a rough life and is struggling in keeping him and here alcoholic mother, "Charmi Martin" alive since the departure of his father, "Rez Cortez", when he was still young. The placement of the Bagua into his hand wasn't coincidental though according to Hsui Liao ,"Joonee Gamboa", for he was supposedly the last to own this cursed item for he is born under the year of the dog, the last and only year that has not yet owned the item, bringing the cycle of the curse to an end and the beginning of a much worse cycle. If I could give a rating to this movie I'll give it a 7, it isn't as scary as the first movie per say but the first movie wasn't really scary, shocking at best but enjoyable nonetheless. I just really like films that has curses and mystery on them and the twist usually at the end is what I always look forward to and this movie delivered just what I was looking for. The series of death was executed in a way that it isn't too grotesque giving it a chance to be viewed by a wider set of audience but also getting a lower rating and loosing some its appeal. All previous owner who are still alive was also shown in the movie, Joy Ramirez, "Kris Aquino" and Lily Mendoza, "Cherry Pie Picache", they also played an important part in the termination of the cycle for as Hsui Liao said it was only through the joined forces of the three shall the curse be lifted. From beginning to end the movie was able to capture my attention, it was rather fast paced for from the start a chilling scene could already be seen. There was just enough space to place some light hearted comedy, typical Filipino able to place humour even at dire times, in reality it made the movies tactful attempt at horror to a stop, just when you thought you are getting there some character throws a punch line that just pulls you back I am not sure if it was intentional or just the way they delivered it that makes it funny, for most times I could understand its intention though, for as I have previously stated Filipinos loves comedy and one can be sure to always find this even in the most serious of films created in the country. I didn't hate it though in fact it added to its charm. The thing that I find most interesting in the movie is the way on which you would know when one is about to die, it always include an animal or symbol, representing the Chinese animal zodiac on which the dying character is born into, it is kind of like Final Destination on which characters are killed by a series of unpredictable events rather than just by the ghost itself. Speaking of ghost the main ghost from the first movie also appeared in this, plus with a new friend her allegedly long lost twin-sister came, undoubtedly this a huge loophole for in the first movie the sister wasn't even mentioned ones. The addition of the new ghost made the killing twice as fast, twice as unexpected but not exactly twice as thrilling, it just made it look like the creators are trying to keep it under at tight run-time, killing all the characters that needs to be ended. Towards the ending of the film is where things really got messy and frankly rather confusing. This movie was able to solve most unsolved questions from the previous movie, but gaining new question of it's own. By the looks of it the ending of the movie isn't what it appears to be and a sequel following this sequel is bound to happen. I kind of wish they just end it there though , but a story after it might be fine I just hope they make the killing a little bit more realistic and visual. It will be place with a more adult rating but it will definitely add more thrill to it plus it will gather a whole lot of audience that might be able to appreciate it more. 

   All in all I would recommend this movie,  don't take my words for it though cause I am just an enthusiast, but if you ever want to watch a movie in the cinema or are looking for a movie that contains mystery and not too frightening then this movie is just what you want to see.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Derping around yet again

Yo! So it's me again I got bored today so I've decided to have a little fun and since it's Halloween I've burrowed my moms eyeliner hahaha damn I look stupid but eh... 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Ambitions Numb-Visions

Where did the time go?

It's ticking away 
And I can't do a thing but sit and wait
Will I be the same as I was yesterday
Or will I be forever change by destiny and fate

Time is unraveling itself to us all
But I can't just be here 
I need to stand up and make a call
I need to go further and face my fear
I can't just be like this 
I need to get there and be in that hall

A dream in my heart that is as big as the stars
consuming my very existence into ash
There's no need to explain it, this isn't a parse
Nor is this a reason just to make some cash

I don't know when
I don't know how
but someday, I know
That dream of mine
will make it through